Downgrading payment plan

Team's are able to downgrade there EmuCast payment plans should the need arise.

Before you can downgrade your current payment plan to a lower plan, you need to manually alter and delete your current plans team rooms and members to ensure compliance to lower level plan mandated guidelines (Refer Plans & Pricing page for plan details).

Note: Only Users who have a role of ADMIN within the same team can downgrade a payment plan.

Downgrade to Basic Plan

To downgrade your EmuCast payment plan from 'Pro' or 'Enterprise' Plans to the 'Basic' Plan.

Step 1: Go to or your open your EmuCast client application.

Step 2: Select 'Sign in' (note: EmuCast client app will automatically take you straight to the EmuCast web app after Sign In)

Step 3: Click on 'Settings'.

Step 4: Select 'Plan & Payments' to open your current Plan and Payment information

Step 5: Under Plan Info click 'Change Plan' to open Plan & Pricing page

Step 6: On Plan & Pricing page click Basic Plan 'SELECT'.

Your plan has now been altered to the EmuCast 'Basic' Plan.

Downgrade to Pro Plan

To downgrade your EmuCast payment plan from 'Enterprise' Plans to either 'Pro" or 'Basic' Plans.

Coming Soon - Let us discuss your specific enterprise requirements.