Upgrading payment plan

Team's are able to upgrade there EmuCast payment plans should the need arise to a higher plan.

EmuCast is designed to grows with you, so as your organization or project need change you can freely upgrade your plan to provide greater capabilities for your team members to take advantage of.

It is important to remember that only an Admin role can upgrade a team payment plan.

Note: Only Users who have a role of ADMIN within the same team can upgrade a payment plan.

Upgrade to "Pro Plan" package

To upgrade your EmuCast 'Basic' Plan to the 'Pro' Plan. Upgrading to 'Pro' Plan will provide greater functionality to manage your projects and tasks.

Step 1: Go to www.emucast.com or your open your EmuCast client application.

Step 2: Select 'Sign In' (note: EmuCast client app will automatically take you straight to the EmuCast web app after Sign In)

Step 3: Click on 'Settings'

Step 4: Select 'Plan & Payments' to open your current Plan and Payment information

Step 5: Under Plan Info click 'Change Plan' to open Plan & Pricing page

Step 6: On Plan & Pricing page click Pro Plan 'SELECT' to bring up payment source input form.

As payment details have not yet been provided, upon clicking Pro Plan 'Select' the credit card pop up will appear. Once completed you are brought back to Plan & Pricing page, re-select Pro Plan 'Select'.

Step 7: Click on Pro Plan 'SELECT' again

Step 8: Complete the Billing Info section with your billing invoice information and select 'SAVE CHANGES'. Billing Info will be used to on send your monthly or yearly invoice.

Verification of your new plan information can be found under Plan Info section, this will contain the plan your now on and the monthly or yearly cost.

Once you complete your Billing Info details and select 'SAVE CHANGES', they will be saved but not visible. You can update your Billing Info as often as required.

Upgrade to Enterprise Plan package

Coming Soon - Let us discuss your specific enterprise requirements.

EmuCast customers will soon be able to upgrade your plans from 'Basic' or 'Pro' Plans to Enterprise Plan. Upgrading to 'Enterprise' Plan will provide the ultimate functionality to engage and drive your projects or activities.