Log In using SSO

This section will guide customers through logging in using SSO to streamline their authentication process.

EmuCast supports 'Log In using SSO (Single Sign On)' approach for customer authentication, allowing one username and password to be used for easy access to your EmuCast account each time.

Why is SSO better for users

In general terms, SSO is better for users because:

  • They get to use and store their username and password for many websites with a single, secure and trusted identity provider.

  • It takes less time for them to log into a new website. The identity provider's username and password are all they need, instead of having to sign up with their name and contact details from scratch and verify their email.

  • They know what information is being shared.

  • They only have to remember one username and password to access many websites.

How we authentication users

We've built our login SSO model around allowing customers to utilise their existing ID & Passwords from popular new age SaaS tools such as (google, twitter, facebook, github) to authenticate when logging into EmuCast.

Once authenticated your always logged in unless you choose to log out, change your provider details or wish to login authenticate via a different SaaS tool account.

SSO Login Authentication Process

Whether you log in via the EmuCast desktop client app or the web app, the login process is the same.

Step 1. Select 'Login' on the web app or click on your 'EmuCast desktop client app' icon.

Note: This will launch the EmuCast authentication process.

Step 2. Choose your preferred SaaS tool mode of authentication and click on the appropriate 'Continue with (Google, Twitter, Facebook, Github)' account button to commence authentication.

Step 3. If haven't logged into EmuCast prior, select your SaaS tool provider account ID and enter password. If you have previously logged in, you'll now be seamlessly authenticated and passed through to your EmuCast account without needing to enter ID credentials. Your now always logged in.

Note the following rules apply.

Seamless authentication is acheived

  • If your logging in using the same provider SaaS tool account selection used at last EmuCast login, you'll then be seamlessly authenticated and logged into account without entering any password.

Required to Authenticate again at EmuCast login

  • If logging in using a different SaaS tool account choice from last login you are required to enter your SaaS tool provider password to authenticate

  • If you have multiple SaaS tool accounts i.e. multiple google accounts, then each time you login you'll need to select your chosen google account.

    • If same google account was selected at last login, you'll be seamlessly authenticated and logged in without password

    • If you choose a different google account each time to login from your last login you are required re-authenticate - select account and enter password.

  • If you change your ID email name with you SaaS tool provider

  • If your SaaS tool account's use different passwords and aren't the same

Should SaaS accounts be same

Need same SaaS account ID?

Yes, if you intend to login authenticate to EmuCast each time by switching between provider SaaS tool accounts your email ID's need to be same. If for example your Google or Twitter accounts use different email ID's EmuCast will assume you are a different customer or account and fail your login attempt.

If change SaaS tool ID/Pswd

If you change any provider SaaS tool account ID "email" and/or password details, the next EmuCast login will ask you to re-validate your ID and password credentials. Your next login will again be seamless if using same SaaS tool account.

Different SaaS tools passwords

If you maintain your passwords to be same across all your SaaS tool provider (Google, Twitter, Facebook, Github) accounts then you have the freedom to use any SaaS account to login and authenticate to EmuCast.

If however, your passwords are different across your accounts then you'll need to authenticate and enter your password during the EmuCast login authentication process when you switch accounts.

More than one SaaS account

If you have more than one account with your SaaS tool provider, when you attempt to EmuCast login authenticate you are prompted to choose your preferred SaaS tool account to login with each time. Your then seamlessly authenticated and logged into you EmuCast account.

For example: If you have multiple google accounts, when you attempt to authenticate during the EmuCast login process after selecting the 'Continue with Google' button you'll be prompted to choose which account to login with.

  • If you used a 'different' account from last login, you'll be prompted to re-enter your password to that google account.

  • If you used that 'same' account from last login' you'll be seamlessly authenticated and passed through to your EmuCast account without entering password.

Can I change my SaaS tool password?

Your free to change your external SaaS tool passwords as required with no impact to your EmuCast account. The only impact will be next EmuCast login attempt you'll be prompted to re-confirm your ID and password again, after which you'll be seamlessly authenticated again at future logins.

Can I log out of EmuCast session?

You are free to log out of an active EmuCast session like any other application. Once logged out, the next time you select to log back into EmuCast you will be prompted to re-login. To re-authenticate,

Step 1. Select 'Login' on the web app or click on your "EmuCast desktop client app" icon to launch authentication process where you'll be prompted to re-authenticate.

Step 2. Choose your preferred authentication method using (Google, Twitter, Facebook, Github).

  • If you have previously logged in using one of these SaaS tools i.e. Google, upon clicking you'll seamlessly be logged into EmuCast and ready to video conference.

  • If you select to log-in via a SaaS tool not previously used for authentication you'll be asked to enter your ID & Password once.

Additional authentication methods

We are making login authentication to EmuCast as effortless as possible and will continue to build onto our current login process. If you have specific requirements please let's talk.

Enterprise SAML SSO integration

Let's talk, more information on this will be coming soon.