Manage Email Notifications

Follow this guide to understand Email Notifications.

Email notifications are used within EmuCast as a means for teams to notify your users they have been invited to join the team.

'Join Your Team' email notification

To join a team, a team member with Admin role permissions must invite you to join the team. Once you're invited, an email notification will be automatically issued from EmuCast to the invited user to their nominated email address they were enrolled with.

To invite a new user to join the team there are 2 options available to Admin leads.

  1. Go to EmuCast then go to the 'Manage Users' page.

  2. Open the EmuCast desktop client app, select teams tab and select the '+symbol'.

The email notification contains 2 important pieces of information, the 'Join Your Team' active button and the 'Join code'.

Join Your Team

The 'Join Your Team' link when selected will take you to the EmuCast web site login authentication page to accept team invite.

The invited user will select their chosen method to commence EmuCast login authentication (if user has never logged in before they will be required to enter their account password as well). The user EmuCast account will then be created as team member.

Selecting the 'Join Your Team' email button link automates the of entering your 'Join Code'.

Join Code

The 'Join Code' can also be used by the invited user to accept the team invite and create their EmuCast account.

To manually enter your 'Join code' instead of using the 'Join Your Team' button link, go to the EmuCast web page home page and select the Login menu option. You will then be asked to enter your Join Code to authenticate.

Alternatively, if you have downloaded the EmuCast desktop client application already you can you can select 'Join team', you will then be asked to enter your 'Join Code'.

Not received email notification

When your team have invited you to 'Join a team' an auto email notification will be issues to the invited user. It will be sent to the users nominated email address.

If you find the email notification has not been received, before you ask for the invite to be resent, please check your email SPAM folder incase the email notification has placed there.

If it is not in your email SPAM folder, then request your Admin to re-send the invitation.